'Premier' UPVC Guttering Range

Does your property currently have those basic, economy type, visually unappealing 'half round' or 'square' shaped plastic gutters? And do they perhaps drip constantly following a downpour? If the answer to either question is yes, then look no further for an alternate choice of excellent high quality, beautifully designed UPVC guttering products than our 'Premier' range. These include the popular OGEE and Deep Flow systems amongst others (see opposite).

Our Premier range of UPVC gutter systems are beautifully designed, high capacity, hardwearing products, available in a range of colours. Each system has a very deep trough compared with the standard economy ranges and so is easily able to cope with very heavy rainfall (handy in the UK!). The plastic that these guttering systems are made from is of a much thicker gauge than that used for standard half round/ square shaped UPVC gutters. This in turn means that our Premier range of gutters are far less likely to get damaged when ladders are placed up against them (perhaps whilst they were being cleaned out for instance*) or when they are asked to withstand the weight of heavy snow, as might a more flimsy standard plastic gutter.

The other major plus point of the wonderful Premier range of high class plastic gutters is the excellent extra thick rubber seals incorporated into their purposely designed jointing systems. These again are vastly superior to the rubber seals found on standard half round and square shaped economy guttering products (the type found in large DIY stores) which in a very short space of time wear thinner and thus allow nagging drips through the joints and end caps etc.

To see samples of our full range of 'Premier' UPVC guttering products and/ or to request a survey and free estimate please email us.

* We also supply a choice of excellent gutter leaf guards that compliment our full range of guttering products and that are specifically designed to prevent the build up of leaves and airborne debris which will eventually block the gutters or down pipes. Therefore if you'd also like a separate (no obligation) estimate for our bespoke leaf guards installing as well as an estimate for new gutters, please mention this when you contact us.

Deep Flow UPVC Guttering